Mildon Studios has announced a price reduction for Lemonstrum 2, a virtual acoustic guitar strummer instrument for Windows.

Lemonstrum 2 VSTi Acoustic Guitar Strummer for PC lets you strum your midi keyboard just like a real guitar. It gives you 24 chord slots, each assignable with a custom chord and a keyboard trigger. The on-screen fretboard and keyboard allow you to plot new chords and keyboard triggers using drag n’ drop. A dedicated upstroke key (C3 – two octaves below Middle C) can be played alternately with the keyboard trigger you assigned (serves as your down-stroke) to create an effective strumming pattern.

Lemonstrum 2 has a new regular price of $14.95 USD. Until September 15, 2009, you can get it at an additional 70% discount for only $4.50 USD.