Mildon Studios has released Mildon Strummer, a new guitar strumming engine that has improved performance and packs a lot more features than its predecessor, LemonStrum 2.

It’s easy to spot the music producer from the crowd. He’s the one who’s always trying to rush that long-overdue demo, constantly whining, why, of all days, would his session guitarist pick today to not show up? Why?! If you’re this guy, Mildon Strummer is here to try and save your day.

Got some crispy acoustic patches for your new synth? Got some great-sounding virtual guitars but can’t “strum” them? Mildon Strummer’s new MIDI-Strum feature might come handy. It lets you “strum” other VSTi’s, especially those that don’t have a strum function. Do you need to just slap the rhythm in and get it done? Mildon Strummer has built-in sounds too.

Mildon Strummer features

  • Three-note trigger system. You can edit which three notes to press on the MIDI keyboard to trigger a chord. You can also assign entire chords to only one key for easy strumming.
  • 84 fully configurable chords/chord slots.
  • Improved Vertical “Chord Builder”.
  • Dedicated Re-strum keys.
  • Palm Mute (Tap).
  • Individual string panning.
  • Fret noise (Pedal-triggered).
  • 3 Strum delay settings per string.
  • Basic filters (Bass, Treble).
  • Volume controls (Tap, Fret, Overall).
  • Release control.
  • MIDI-strum: strum other guitar VSTi’s.

Mildon Strummer is available to purchase for the introductory price of $30 USD until 5 November, 2010. From November 6-10 it will be 50% off the regular price of $99 USD, and 20% off from November 11-16.

HUE-X, Vocal Spread, and OtoMarch Marching Army VSTi ($41 USD value) are included with a purchase during the introductory period.