Mildon Studios has released Provoc Grader, a compressor effect plug-in designed for vocals.

Provoc Grader is a special compressor designed for vocals. It allows you to preserve as much natural dynamics as possible by letting you apply compression only to relevant frequencies if desired. This is done with an easy-to-use Range Selector which can be dragged vertically to adjust the width, or horizontally to adjust the position.

It has volume controls for Selected and Unselected bands, Input and Output level controls, and a Dry Gain control for matching the volume of the raw vocals to the processed output for on/off comparison.

Provoc Grader for Windows (VST) is available for the introductory price of $20 USD (regular $29 USD).

Mildon Studios has also released its Lite Piano Free SFZ instrument that you can play using any SFZ player.

It features an expressive set of high-quality 16-bit samples compressed to OGG format (only 18MB). It’s really tiny, but still sounds awesome. Optionally, for the price of a ‘tall’ Starbucks Frappe ($3) you can buy the full-quality WAV set (95MB). We assure you that the coffee money will be used only for the greater good. How about a cup eh?