Mildon Studios has released Provoc Primer, a vocal effect processor for Windows.

Provoc Primer allows the user to process vocals in a matter of seconds. It features a single “Shape” control that applies EQ and Compression to vocals. It is designed to give the user a consistent starting point for each vocal track and to be useful when working with albums or single tracks with many vocal parts.

The simple interface displays a graph of the EQ that will be applied to the sound. The level line can be dragged up and down to adjust the amount of shaping. A small amount of compression is applied, enough to “glue” the vocals together, but still leaving room for further compression down the chain. The “Shape” control affects both EQ and Compression.

Provoc Primer for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of $14.50 USD (regular $29 USD).