Mind Flux has announced the release of Analog Techno Presets, a new pack featuring a collection of sounds for the Analog Synth in Ableton Live.

Mind Flux Analog Techno Presets

For this months pack the nerds in the Mind Flux labs have been tweaking the knobs of Ableton’s remarkable Analog Synth to bring you a mouth-watering array of deep subs, acid bass lines, classic techno stabs and glorious textures.

Included in the pack are 83 presets (30 bass, 30 synths, 11 drums & 10 effects). 82 audio loops (30 bass, 30 synths, 10 drums & 10 effects) and 60 MIDI loops (30 bass & 30 synths) for even more control.

Each preset utilises Ableton’s amazing rack system giving you processed sounds that are ready made for techno.

With the Ableton macro’s, you can morph the sound to cater more to your needs, which in essence gives your more sounds than you can dream of.

Analog Techno Presets is available for purchase for £19.90 GBP. Requires Ableton Suite 9.7.

More information: Mind Flux / Analog Techno Presets