Mind Flux has announced its latest sound pack Diva Techno Presets, a collection of 74 sounds for u-he’s Diva virtual analog synthesizer instrument.

If you’re looking for that classic analog sound of the Juno, Jupiter, Moog and ms20 but haven’t, won the lottery recently then Diva is the synth for you. For the crew of Mind Flux sound designers, it’s our go-to synth when we can’t get our hands on the actual thing.

The team of nerds has gathered up a range of different sounds perfect for a huge range of techno productions.

The pack includes bass, pluck, pad, arp, and synth presets, as well as 42 MIDI loops and audio loops.

Diva Techno Presets is available for £9.90 GBP.

Mind Flux has also published a new Synth Series video titled R2D2 Techno Percussion, offering a look at creating some R2D2 style bleeps and bloops and turning them into some techno percussion loops.

More information: Mind Flux