SampleOddity Epic Laundry

Tired of conventional percussion sounds? Epic Laundry might be just the kind of sample library you’re looking for.

SampleOddity’s Joel Steudler recorded tons of laundry-based percussion sounds and turned them into instruments for you sampler.

Experience the percussive power of a washer, dryer, and other odds and ends that were laying around the area when I recorded them.

The other odds and ends include recordings of detergent bottles, a lint trap, and a wash basin.

Epic Laundry features

  • 400MB of samples / 167MB .rar download.
  • 60 instruments
    • 22 acoustic laundry percussion
    • 13 LaunDrones
    • 8 tempo sync’d rhythmic beds
    • 7 granular synthesized chromatic instruments
    • 6 drum kit mappings of the percussion
    • 4 Bonus instruments
  • Between 8-16 Round Robin hits on all percussion.
  • Most instruments contain between 3-4 velocity levels.
  • .wav files are open for you to browse/alter/use as sound effects.
  • Includes patches for Kontakt and Halion.

I tried the Kontakt version of Epic Laundry, which includes 60 custom instruments.

SampleOddity Epic Laundry

SampleOddity Epic Laundry in Kontakt

The Kontakt instruments have a reverb control available on front panel and some instruments feature additional controls for parameters like attack and release.

MIDI CC#1 is consistently used for manipulating the instruments in a meaningful way, e.g. with a lowpass filter, sound morphing, envelope control, etc.

The percussive sounds from the washing machine and dryer are available in a large number of acoustic instruments, but as you can see in the feature list above Joel also processed some of the sounds to create a number of additional instruments. Granular synthesis turns sampled hits into chromatic string like sounds (like a plucked guitar or a violin), and Kontakt’s arpeggiation script is used to achieve rhythmic beds. The LaunDrones feature pad/drone sounds, created by severe timestretching and effects processing.

You also get a collection of drum kits, which conveniently remaps some of the samples into useful kits. The 4 bonus instruments feature the sounds of a big glass window being tapped on.

Check the demo clip below for a good idea of what Epic Laundry sounds like.

So what do I think?

Product: Epic Laundry by SampleOddity
Format: .wav + Kontakt & HALion
Price: $29 USD

Epic Laundry packs some serious punch, seriously!

Joel did a nice job sampling his laundry machines. The overall sound quality is good and with multiple velocity levels and many round robin samples the instruments are more musical and playable than one might expect.

The instruments created from processed sounds were a wonderful surprise to me, very useful and unique.

Some of you might rather sample your own washing machine — and that’s great, but if you want to save yourself some time and effort, SampleOddity’s Epic Laundry is an easy way of getting a bunch of great unique percussive sounds and more for a very reasonable price.

More information: SampleOddity