Minimal System Instruments Ableton Live packs

Minimal System Instruments has announced a sale on its Ableton Live packs, offering downloads at just £1 GBP.

Ableton Live is an inspirational DAW and we wanted to build on this by producing the most innovative Live Packs possible. If you want creative effects and mastering tools within Ableton then take a look.

Ableton Live Packs Sale

  • Analogue Ableton & Compressors Bundle now £3 GBP (regular £8 GBP)
  • Analogue Ableton Producer Toolkit now £1 GBP (regular £5 GBP)
  • Analogue Compressors (Live) now £1 GBP (regular £5 GBP)
  • Analogue Filters now £1 GBP (regular £5 GBP)
  • Future Sounds of Operator now £1 GBP (regular £5 GBP)
  • Modular Toolkit (Live) now £1 GBP (regular £5 GBP)
  • Studio Tools for Ableton (Live) now £1 GBP (regular £5 GBP)

The sale is only available today (December 7th, 2012).

More information: Minimal System Instruments