Minimal System Instruments MSIstrip

Minimal System Instruments has released MSIstrip, an effect plug-in for Windows.

MSIstrip is a complete mastering rack for your DAW consisting of a studio quality equalizer, a compresser, and a limiter. Simply place it on your master channel and you have all you need to mix and master your track to a professional level.

Chain = EQ > Compressor > Limiter

(All three racks contained within this plugin will be available as seperates soon!)

MSIstrip features

  • MSIq pro EQ rack.
  • MSIc pro compressor rack.
  • MSIl pro tube limiter rack.
  • Each rack can be turned on and off. (Use one module, two modules, or all three!)
  • High quality GUI.
  • Regular updates.

MSIstrip is available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for £20 GBP.

Minimal System Instruments is also offering a number of freeware VST plug-ins:

  • Synthetic, a single oscillator synth that allows you to draw your own waveforms.
  • EezySqueeze, an effective compressor unit that can be added to independent tracks or your master track.
  • Analogue Mini, 2 oscillator virtual analog synthesizer instrument with multi-mode filter, step LFO, and more.
  • HandMade Echo, a boutique Delay/Echo unit that simulates classic machines of yesteryear.
  • DarkStar, a basic 2 osc vst synth with some nice features including a well produced GUI.

More information: Minimal System Instruments