Minimal System Instruments Studio Tools

Minimal System Instruments has announced Studio Tools, a premium effect and instrument rack collection for Ableton Live.

This pack focusses purely on high quality and innovative racks for mixing and mastering audio and adding effects to your tracks.

Studio Tools features

  • Deconstrukt (An effect rack for adding some lo-fi grit and space)
  • MID/SIDE EQ (A 4 band EQ allowing processing of MID and SIDE frequencies)
  • Modul8 (An effect rack for adding modulation)
  • Drum Buss Modifier (A deep effect rack for totally transforming and manipulating drum tracks)
  • Pultec Prototype Compressor (A compressor with analogue character)
  • Sample Modulator (A modulation effect rack for use on all sounds)
  • Studio Channel Strip (Our premium channel strip modelled on real world hardware)
  • Super Compressor (A compressor with a difference, modelled on boutique hardware)
  • Super Drum Effector (A great drum manipulation tool)
  • Also included in the pack are:
    • 16 analogue instruments (with the built in pattern generators you can quickly build beautiful analogue sequences).
    • OP-1 Synth (An innovative FM Synth with built-in pattern/sequence generation).

The Studio Tools sound library is available to purchase for £4.99 GBP.

More information: Minimal System Instruments