Moog Music has announced that after more than 30 years, production of the Minimoog Model D synthesizer has resumed.

Minimoog Model D

Introduced in 1970, the Minimoog Model D was the first portable synthesizer and served as the archetype for all electonic keyboards that followed.

Conceived as a response to the large-scale modular synthesizers of the 1960’s, the Minimoog’s portability, accessibility, and expressiveness made it the go-to instrument for musicians looking to expand beyond the traditional sounds of the time.

Minimoog Model D features

  • 3 vintage Moog oscillators.
  • Classic Moog low pass ladder filter with resonance.
  • Analog circuit boards recreated using original designs and component placement.
  • Custom reissued transistors critical to sound quality and character.
  • Military spec precision resistors.
  • Precision Linear System matched JFETs in oscillators.
  • Classic thermoset, gnarled pitch and mod wheels.
  • CV Modifications: outputs added for Pitch, Aftertouch, Velocity and Gate (Aftertouch and Velocity have dedicated output level attenuators).
  • Modulation Modifications: analog Triangle/Square wave LFO and Filter Envelope added as modulation sources, as well as an External Modulation CV input.
  • Overload Modification: the output of the Minimoog Model D is automatically scaled and fed back to the External Audio Input for instantly available overdrive.
  • Improved circuit board connectors for touring reliability.
  • Fatar TP-9 keybed with velocity and aftertouch.
  • MIDI in, out and thru.

The Minimoog Model D is available for purchase for $3,749 USD.

More information: Moog Music / Minimoog Model D