Samples From Mars has announced the release of the first in a series of “Snacks” creative sample packs.

Minipops Snacks From Mars brings the sounds of the classic Minipops SR-120 rhythm box, twisted and mangled through fx and tape.

What happens when you combine the Minipops SR-120 analog drum machine with an H3000, Space Echo, and tape machine? We aren’t entirely sure either… but it sounds otherworldly!

Minipops Snacks From Mars features

  • 64 demented & deranged Minipops drum loops.
  • 80 one shot Minipops drum hits, including 16 clean sounds. Organized intro 5 hit kits of 16 samples each.
  • Processed though an H3000 & Space Echo, and Otari 1/4″ tape.
  • 100% hardware processing.
  • 235 MB total content.

The sample pack is available at Samples From Mars for $9 USD.