ODD Smpls has released some new sample packs at Loopmasters.

Missing Earth Lofi Hip Hop features a royalty free collection of Lofi chill samples, including a variety of beautiful soulful melodies, smooth keyboards, chill live recorded guitars and distorted drum loops.

A collection of catchy melodies, gentle piano loops, smooth guitars, dreamy pads, punchy drums and amazing lovely vocals, the Vibrance Future Pop pack contains 5 vocal kits with everything you might need: lead, adlibs and backs.

Lastly, Dope Future Hip Hop brings a mix of trendy, banging, atmospheric and groovy sounds in a single package. It includes powerful drum loops, fat 808s, beautiful pianos, eastern vibe flutes and dreamy vintage guitar loops.

The sample packs are available for purchase starting from £20.95 GBP.

More information: ODD Smpls