MixMeister Studio

MixMeister has released version 7.2 of MixMeister Studio and MixMeister Fusion, two DJ sequencer applications for Windows and Mac.

Changes in MixMeister v7.2

  • Native Mac OSX version is universal binary for PowerPC or Intel processors.
  • Improved time stretching accurately matches beats with fast or slow tempos.
  • Enhanced timeline display provides clear division of measures.
  • Effect automation via MIDI controllers – External hardware can now manipulate effect parameters.
  • Support for stored EQ settings in transition templates for advanced users.
  • Fade and Cue Next feature fades and pauses your mix then starts at the next track – prefect for voice over announcements (Fusion only).
  • New master volume control for preview output – headphone and main out can be controlled independently (Fusion only).

MixMeister Studio is available for $169.95 USD, while the Fusion version costs $329.95 USD.

Visit MixMeister for more information and links to download demo versions of MixMeister Studio and Fusion.