Isotonik Studios has introduced a new sound pack for Novation’s Circuit Tracks by Techtronix. Mixtape Foundations takes a slice of the Boom Bap sound of Hip Hop with knocking drums and interesting cuts.

Using newfound samplers such as the Emu Sp12 and Mpc 60, people were suddenly able to chop up funk, soul, ghospel and other records. Manipulating the original patterns and playing slices over a beat. A term called BoomBap was coined in the late 80s and this was to do with the strong emphasis on the kick and snare.

In order to make Hiphop sound warm and authentic, a lot of attention has to be payed to the frequencies and timing off all the cuts, as well as the timing offset of drums. This ensures your able to able to get a solid groove with very little effort.

Mixtape foundations is a rammed with high quality processed cuts from my previous BoomBap songs. They have all been heavily processed with various methods such as compression, tube distortion and a vinyl simulator, to make sure they have the right weight and character needed for any knocking hiphop or lofi production.

Priced £22 GBP, the pack contains 32 cuts, 32 drum samples, 32 patches and 8 sessions.

More information: Isotonik Studios