MOD Audio has announced the launch of its new Convolution Reverb plugins and pedalboards.

The company has developed a powerful convolution engine capable of processing Impulse Response files up to 15 seconds, a record-breaking feature for standalone audio processors.

The release includes two plugins free for all MOD device users: the MOD Convolution Loader, which allows musicians to use their own IR files, and the MOD Convolution Reverb, containing 33 high-quality IRs from different places and equipment.

MOD Audio has also partnered with DoGood Sound, a premium IR and unique audio samples supplier, to release 12 new paid Reverb plugins with over 300 IRs sampled from different locations and iconic equipment.

To celebrate the launch, MOD Audio has also released a collection of fine-crafted reverb pedalboards, featuring the new Convolution Reverb plugins as well as classic reverb sounds from the MOD platform, like the all time-favorite Shiroverb and the DragonFly reverb suite.

The boards are fully self-contained, designed for out-of-the-box playability, and make full use of the power of the MOD platform to add features ranging from Trails and Gated Verb to exquisite dynamic controls over the reverbs. The new reverb boards are available for free for all MOD device owners.

“We’re thrilled to offer music creators a new level of control and creativity with our Convolution Reverb pedalboards,” said Gianfranco Ceccolini, CEO of MOD Audio. “Our partnership with DoGood Sound, combined with our powerful convolution engine, has allowed us to bring a new level of sound design to the market, and we’re excited to see what users will create with these tools.”

The DoGood Sound plugins cost between 15 EUR and 25 EUR each and can be purchased by device users via the remote web interface.

More information: MOD Audio