Following a successful reboot back in October, MOD has announced that its MOD Dwarf is now back in stores.

The MOD Dwarf is an all-in-one solution in pedalboard format for musicians, producers, sound engineers, and DJs who appreciate creative effects and sound processing, as well as intuitive performance. It includes effects, amp simulations, synthesizers, loopers, sequencers, and versatile multi FX functions, and is also equipped with virtual instruments and MIDI tools.

The Dwarf is fully configurable via the browser-based graphical on-board editor and allows users to create anything from simple amp simulations and typical effects chains for guitarists and keyboardists to bizarre modular sound generators. With access to over 300 plug-ins and instruments and the ability to combine them in any way they desire, users have unparalleled patching freedom.

The compact “effect dwarf” has excellent sound characteristics, which are further enhanced by its extremely high-quality craftsmanship, making it an ideal choice for live use.

MOD Dwarf features

  • Endless rigs and pedalboards combined in one standalone unit.
  • Hundreds of effect modules integrated, expandable via plug-in store.
  • Complete patching freedom thanks to the intuitive browser-based on-board editor.
  • Four different operating modes: Pedalboard, Snapshot, Individual, Tools.
  • Versatile connectivity thanks to 2 x audio I/O, MIDI I/O, USB A/B, headphones.
  • Robust and high-quality housing.
  • Transportable and space-saving with a size of just 105 x 202 mm x 54 mm.

The Dwarf is available to purchase for a MSRP of 529 EUR incl. VAT.

More information: MOD