Modal Electronics has introduced the 001 analog/digital hybrid synthesizer and 008, an eight-voice, 16-VCO, and 16-sub-oscillator pure analog polysynth.

Unlike other instrument designs that claim to be two-voice affairs, 001 is, indeed, a true two-part multitimbral, duophonic synthesizer.

Simply speaking, it takes the power and flexibility of 002 to deliver two, fully-featured 002 voices in a compact casing that feels as good to the touch as the good looks that it inherits from its bigger-sized sibling.

Modal 001

The FATAR TP/9 three-octave, velocity-sensitive key mechanism with aftertouch is a joy to play — just like the five-octave version found on 002.

Many modern music styles may not necessarily need 12-note polyphony, but make no mistake: 001 is a synth soloist’s dream machine… and a sound designer’s dream come true!

As an equally attractive alternative to the amazing analog/digital hybrid voice architecture beating at the musical heart of Modal Electronics’ breakthrough British-built 002 super-synth, 008 employs an entirely new and incredibly innovative pure analog voice engine employing components of the highest order throughout to create an uncompromising analog voice architecture.

Modal 008

As such, 008 should not be viewed as an 002 replacement, but rather provides discerning musicians with wide-ranging, replacement sources of top-notch timbres to die for — digital purity (002) or analog grace (008), clearly choices are to be had here.

However, 008 duly demonstrates that Modal Electronics is not simply a ‘one-hit wonder’, but rather remains clearly committed to continuing to bring the best synthesizer products in the world to market. Moreover, 002 will continue to be developed for many years to come, keeping digital denizens of Modal Electronics’ ever-expanding synthesizer world as happy as their alternative analog well-wishers.

001 is scheduled to ship in late May 2015, priced at £1,620 GBP (including VAT). 008 is scheduled for release this Summer.

More information: Modal Electronics