Modartt releases Pianoteq Pro and Pianoteq 3.5 Standard

Modartt Pianoteq Pro

Modartt has announced the release of Pianoteq Pro, the advanced version of virtual piano instrument Pianoteq.

For the first time in the history of pianos, complete control of physical parameters of the piano is made available to the user. In the real world, reshaping a soundboard would require several weeks of work in the factory. With Pianoteq Pro, you have a new soundboard only one mouse click away!

Pianoteq Pro offers note per note adjustment for no less than 22 physical parameters, such as tuning, unison width, hammer hardness, strike point, string length, spectrum profile, soundboard impedance, damper position… In fact there are thousands since each overtone of each note can be controlled separately with the spectrum profile parameter!

In 1977, Gabriel Weinreich concluded his grounding article “Coupled piano strings” with “In any case, one could expect to build a better piano if the aftersound could be more deliberately controlled through an appropriate understanding of the soundboard”. Thirty-two years later, Weinreich’s dream is becoming reality with Pianoteq Pro.

Pianoteq Pro features

  • Note per note adjustment for 22 physical parameters: detune, unison width, direct sound duration, hammer hardness piano, hammer hardness mezzo, hammer hardness forte, spectrum profile, hammer noise, strike point, pickup symmetry, pickup distance, impedance, cutoff, Q factor, string length, note resonance, quadratic effect, damper position, damper duration, damper noise, key release noise, volume. Restricted to detune and volume in the Standard version.
  • Sample rate available up to 192 kHz. Restricted to 48 kHz in the Standard version.
  • The instruments created with Pianoteq Pro can be loaded in both Pianoteq Pro and Pianoteq Standard.

Pianoteq Pro is available to purchase for 399 EUR. An upgrade from the standard version is 150 EUR.

Modartt has also released Pianoteq 3.5 Standard, which offers the same advanced physical model as in the Pro version, resulting in a vastly improved sound that concerns presence, clarity, fortissimo, resonances, overtones and damper response.

There are also several new features, such as a new Duplex Scale resonance slider and two new velocity maps (note-off, sustain pedal). The upgrade to version 3.5 is free for all customers.

More information: Pianoteq

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This piano vst sounds very processed and artificial. My hardware synth (yamaha) sounds better, probably because it’s sample based. I suppose it’s good enough when it’s lost in the mix in a rock or pop song, but not good for solo work.

I have sample libs from bardstown, sampletekk and EWQL and they all sound ten times better, especially when compared A/B side by side where the flaws really stand out.


All I can say is some people like it better than sample libs or hardware digital pianos (sample-based). I guess it depends on taste, habits, needs. Also, I suppose all those alternatives serve their purpose, every piano fit better in a genre or another, be it physical, samples or synthesized. It’s amazing how the sound of Pianoteq evolved, I’ve tried demos of it thru the past few years and I’ve never liked it that much, but loved the idea and how you could tune/make your own sound. I guess I liked the “creative” part of it. But I must admit,… Read more »


FIX: It’s not a -insert pricey wet-dreamed about piano brand and model here- yet, and probably never will. But it’s getting closer and closer to sound like one made of wood, wires and paint than zeroes and ones.


@DUH – “All I can say is some people like it better than sample libs or hardware digital pianos (sample-based).”

LOL! Yeah, right!!! All I can say is that some people like McDonalds big mac better than filet mignon. LOL! This vst is big mac. Coat it in salt, sugar, “special sauce” and ship it out the door. For that extra special touch use a deep fried donut for the bread roll. Voila! pianoteq! LOL!