Modartt Pianoteq

Modartt has updated their versatile high-class piano instrument Pianoteq to version 2.2.

Changes in v2.2

  • C2 chamber, a new preset with a closer, intimate, ambiance and clarity
  • Added resonances for “dry” notes (without sustain pedal), particularly noticable when playing staccato chords (C2 chamber and C2 concert)
  • Improvement of space location for harp and sympathetic resonances
  • Slightly re-voiced C2 concert for better transparency
  • Some convenient keyboard shortcuts were added to the stand-alone version

Pianoteq is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Receptor (stand-alone, VST, AU) and costs 249.00 EUR.

A trial version (limited to 45 days, 8 notes disabled) is available for download.

Visit for more information.