Modartt Pianoteq K1 grand piano

Modartt has released version 3.6 of Pianoteq, a virtual piano instrument for Windows and Mac.

As from version 3.6 of Pianoteq, we have expanded our collection of high class pianos by the addition of the magnificent K1 grand piano.

This new instrument, produced in the Modartt virtual piano factory, combines stunning dynamics, sharp attacks and powerful fortissimos with a very nice woody percussive quality. Its natural clarity and elegance invite you to immediate improvisation. The exquisite subtlety of its tonal shading works beautifully in audio recording and make it suitable for all kinds of music.

Changes in Pianoteq v3.6

  • New K1 Grand Piano instrument.
  • User selectable folder for user presets and add-ons.
  • The default MIDI file for the standalone version can now be changed.
  • Jack MIDI support for the Linux version.
  • Increased the filter sweep speed for the wah-wah effect.
  • Minor bugfixes and features.

Pianoteq is available to purchase starting at 249 EUR (Standard version, includes K1 Grand Piano).

More information: Pianoteq