Modbap Modular by BeatPPL has introduced its new Eurorack module Osiris, a bi-fidelity wavetable oscillator with 4 banks of 32 wavetables each.

Following the Per4mer module inspired by beat-maker/DJ performance styles, the Osiris 12HP module features 6 morphable timbre modes including FM and phase modulation, an independent sub oscillator, lofi/hifi fidelity control, CV control over all major parameters, a pitch quantizer, the ability to load user wavetables via micro sd card, and a free open-source wavetable editor.

Osiris is designed to be used as a powerful bi-fidelity wavetable oscillator with an added sub-oscillator. The sub-oscillator has its own v/oct, mix knob, and mono output. If the sub-oscillator output is not patched, the sub-oscillator output is normalized to the mix out. Essentially, the sub-oscillator can act as its own independent oscillator allowing Osiris to be utilized as two separate oscillators.

The Sub Wave allows for the selection of the sub oscillator’s waveform. The waveforms are – Square, Sine, Triangle, -1, -2, offering basic waves at a lower frequency than the main oscillator that add weight to the main oscillator. -1 and -2 represent a copy of the wavetable at 1 octave below and 2 octaves below the main oscillator, respectively.

The built-in VCA and decay parameters allow for wide-open melodic fades as well as easy percussive plucks.

Timbre Modes are a set of selectable forms of waveshaping that vastly expand Osiris’ range in sound possibilities. All of the Timbre Modes live on one CV-enabled knob, allowing for smooth morphing between modes which makes for some very cool blended timbres between modes. Timbre Amount allows for dialing in as much or as little of the selected timbre as desired.

Set for release on September 24th, 2021, Osiris is available to preorder for $359 USD.

More information: Modbap Modular by BeatPPL