Modbap Modular has announced a fully featured 6hp 2-channel stereo all analog signal path muting and ducking mixer.

Transit combines a feature-set that puts in a long where very few small format mixers have gone. It has an all analog signal path with dual mono (stereo) inputs on both of its 2 channels.

Each channel lane has a performative mute buttons with LED indication. Each channel lane has its own ducking input that allows for side-chaining. Each channel lane has its own gain control. Transit also has a dual mono (stereo) output with master level and an independent 3.5mm stereo headphone output with its own level control.

The idea for Transit initially came about because Per4mer sat perfectly into one of our Modbap20 pods. Per4mer in this configuration lived very comfortably on the desktop amongst all the tabletop synths, drum machines and samplers. But, I found that I wanted a bit more control over the signal into performer and perhaps a headphone jack and i definitely wanted a master volume level control for live sets. It made perfect since to design a module that could fill the open 6hp next to the Per4mer in the 20hp modbap20 pod. Together, Transit and Per4mer make a perfect pair and compliment to the tabletop synth and beatmaker’s desktop.

Furthermore, Transit is perfect within a few more use-cases. Use Transit as a mixer and/or final output in a small eurorack system. Use Transit as a sub-mixer in a medium to large eurorack system. Use several Transit modules in a larger eurorack system to customize your eurorack mixer to your needs and likening. Use Transit’s headphone output to further parallel process your stereo signal. Use Transit in your travel / performance rack to control levels, duck/side-chain that huge kick drum and perform drops with the channel lane mutes.

Priced $249.99 USD, Transit will begin shipping in June. The Eurorack module can be pre-ordered at the Modbap store and from Perfect Circuit.