ModeAudio has announced availability of its new sample pack Amplify, a collection of over 380 drum machine samples processed with guitar amps and pedals.

Created with the sounds of Roland’s TR505, 808 & 909, Alesis HR16 and Korg Volca Beats, the pack includes 12 drum kit sampler patches and 5 MIDI files.

A wall of blinking amplifiers sits on the stage before you as the lights dim and an electric pulse ripples through the expectant crowd around you – the pure joy of noisy, amplified sound rings out in our latest release, Amplify – Driven Drum Samples!

This thumping, royalty-free collection of 381 drum machine samples is the result of lengthy sessions in our sound lab, driving the prizes of our vintage drum machine collection through guitar amps and pedals to produce a library bursting with grit, character and punch.

From the earth-shaking, low-end rumble of a classic 808 kick drum and LoFi snap of crunchy 505 claps, to the shattering, explosive sound of a 909 snare driven through an all-analog guitar pedal chain, this collection of drum mayhem will deliver layers of deeply distinctive fizz, bang and boom direct to your next rhythm.

Amplify features

  • 53 Kick Drum Samples.
  • 37 Snare Drum Samples.
  • 48 Hi Hat Samples (Open & Closed).
  • 21 Cymbal Samples (Crashes & Rides).
  • 67 Percussion Samples (Shakers, Rims, Clave, Cowbells, Congas, Timbales & more).
  • 29 Tom Samples.
  • 15 Clap Samples.
  • 45 Layered Drum Samples (Kicks, Snares, Hi Hats & Claps).
  • 37 Echo Drum Samples (driven through a tape delay pedal).
  • 29 Space Drum Samples (driven through guitar amp effects).

Amplify is available for £16 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio