ModeAudio has announced its latest Mini Pack series sample pack featuring a collection of 100 samples recorded with contact microphones to capture deep resonances and noisy decays from a prepared piano.

Open up the piano lid; remove it, along with all its other panels and discover an entire world of strings, hammers and soundboards, full of percussive possibility – this is precisely what we’ve done to bring you our latest Mini Pack, Prepared Piano Samples!

We’ve dismantled our beloved upright before going at it with all manner of felt beaters, metal rods, brushes and plastic objects to bring you this deeply idiosyncratic collection of 100 samples spanning a host of thumps, knocks, impacts, taps, scrapes and scratches.

Prepared Piano Samples features

  • 29 Beater Hit Samples (Hard, Medium & Soft).
  • 26 Brush Hit & Scrape Samples (Regular, Soft & Quick).
  • 2 Pedal Hit Samples.
  • 11 String Hit & Scrape Samples.
  • 15 Plastic Hit & Scrape Samples.
  • 19 Tapped Hits (Regular & Soft).
  • 5 Drum Kit Sampler Patches.
  • 5 MIDI Loops.

The sample pack is available to purchase for £8 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio