ModeAudio has announced the release of its new sample pack Amber Ambient Loops, a collection of long, evolving samples clocking in at up to 32 seconds in length accompanied by 4-bar analog drum and percussion loops.

Journey deep into the forest, where the texture of leaves, bark and the earth beneath your feet engulfs your senses as patches of flickering light slice through the trees to illuminate the gloom – welcome to the golden soundscape of our latest sample pack release, Amber – Ambient Loops!

Mesmeric, shifting beds of tonality and texture drift and merge above deep sub drones and hypnotic, murky drum rhythms in this expansive, 1GB collection of royalty-free Ambient sound.

Venture into the heart of this library of 154 tempo-synched music loops to uncover bright sonic ornamentations glimmering above the dark ruble of sub bass drones, while synth leads build and tumble, floating into a background of analog crackle and noise.

A choice of shimmering granulated textures and pulsing drones complete the set, adding to the rich, vibrant variety of musical layers contained within this pack.

Amber features

  • 28 Drum Loops (Filtered & Unfiltered).
  • 14 Percussion Loops.
  • 14 Sub Drone Loops.
  • 14 Chords Loops.
  • 14 Drone Loops.
  • 28 Synth Lead Loops.
  • 14 Granulation Loops.
  • 28 Noise & Crackle Loops.
  • 154 Music Loops.
  • 14 MIDI Drum Loops (Tempo-Labelled).

The pack costs £18 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio