ModeAudio has launched two new bundle packs featuring a collection of samples & patches.

Drum Bundle

The Drum Bundle includes 953 WAV samples, 60+ drum kit patches for the major samplers, and 12 channel strips.

As every modern producer knows, having a rock-solid and versatile library of drum samples is key to getting your tunes off the ground and noticed. This is exactly the reason why we simply adore creating drum sounds – from thumping, cavernous kicks to intricate, wooden rims, huge, snappy snares and soft, subtle claps right through to sharp, metallic hi hats, pin-prick percussion and beyond, our passion for crafting the ultimate drum sound shines through each and every one of our drum collections.

It’s nothing short of a delight therefore to bring you our latest bundle release, packed as it is to bursting point with over 900 sculpted, layered, processed and road-tested drum samples – welcome to the explosive percussive power of ModeAudio Drum Bundle! From deep, 808-style tuned Trap kicks to crunchy Hip Hop bass drums, thick EDM snares, airy House claps, waves of open, mid-open and closed hi hats, snappy Techno percussion and more, this collection has what it takes to revitalise your drum sound.

Drum Bundle includes:

  • Power Tools – Drum Samples & Patches – this collection of 330 thunderously weighty drum sounds has been sculpted and engineered with studious precision and craft – put simply, the snares slam, the kick crush, the hi hats sizzle, the claps slice and the percussion just pops right out of the speaker cones!
  • Machine Attacks – Drum Hits – using our professional signal chain built up over years of practice, we’ve tweaked transients, sculpted lows, adjusted amplitude envelopes, pushed the saturation and fine-tuned compression to create a library of 238 flexible drum machine samples that will work and sound right straight out of the box!
  • Hyper Beats – Drum Hits – there’s no slamming on the breaks with this one – 160 drum hits of pure, sizzling percussive energy are hurtling towards your music, so prepare for the colossal impact and take cover!
  • Critical Mass – Drum Hits – big beats are back on the menu! Give your music some serious bite with this Drum Hits pack, designed for instant gratification and maximum efficiency!
  • Drum Collider – Drum Hits – organised into 10 kits complete with sampler presets, this set of Drum Samples promises to be your key to a brave new world of club and after-party music. Perfect for everything from driving Techno to lush R&B, use these sounds to cook up hits in minutes!

The Drum Bundle is available for purchase for £28 GBP (regular £45 GBP).

SFX Bundle

The SFX Bundle includes 460 WAV samples and 20 Acid WAV loops.

ModeAudio SFX Bundle

From gliding streams of percussive textures & drones, crashing waves of powerful white noise and mutating washes of colourful synth risers & falls, where would electronic music be without a healthy dose of perfectly-crafted SFX?!

Rush head-first into your biggest drops, blow up the openings of new sections and fall away towards delicate, ambient breakdowns with ModeAudio SFX Bundle, collecting no less than 5 SFX-packed sample sets into 1 explosive release!

SFX Bundle includes:

  • Atomic SFX – Dance Hits & Loops – we’ve overheated the generator, fired up the rail gun and smashed atoms together to the bring you this release, a sample and loop pack that has the kinetic power to light up tracks across the Dance music spectrum!
  • Hover – Drones & Textures – packed full of strange, floating tones, waves of noise, rasping, metallic textures, deep bass and circuit-bent synths, this release brings you 100 carefully prepared atmospheres to pour seamlessly over your mixes!
  • Spectral Surface – Texture Hits – these sounds range from metallic drones and gritty, spluttering Synth mayhem to murky Bass and explosive, superheated Textures – just right for cinematic interludes, hazy breakdowns and tripped-out drops!
  • Edge Of Orbit – SFX Samples – this release gathers 100 powerful and momentous sound effects from huge impacts and explosions to adrenalin-fuelled falls, risers and reverses. These WAV samples will push, pull and propel your music towards that euphoric climax!
  • Burst SFX – Transition Samples – 55 expertly-crafted sound effects await you in this collection, packed to the brim with crackling sub drops, shattering explosions, racing risers, glistening bleeps and beyond!

The SFX Bundle costs £25 GBP (regular £47 GBP).

More information: ModeAudio