ModeAudio has released Hover, a sample pack featuring drones & textures.

At ModeAudio, we believe atmosphere is everything. It’s what makes an ordinary drum or percussion loop teem with exotic life; elevates humble synth and basslines to euphoric musical gems; transforms a simple groove into a special one. This is exactly why we decided to focus on this all-important musical aspect with our latest sound pack – enter the unfurling, evolving and mysterious sound of Hover – Drones & Textures!

Packed full of strange, floating tones, waves of noise, rasping, metallic textures, deep bass and circuit-bent synths, this release brings you 100 carefully prepared atmospheres to pour seamlessly over your mixes. All the sounds move to their own internal rhythm, dancing and metamorphosing into exciting, unusual sonic forms.

Hover features

  • 30 Ambiance Samples.
  • 20 Bass Drones.
  • 10 Guitar Drones.
  • 10 Metallic Drones & Texture Samples.
  • 15 Noise Drones & Texture Samples.
  • 15 Synth Drones.
  • 887MB content (unzipped).

The pack is available for purchase for £15 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio