ModeAudio has launched a new sound series titled Mini Packs, offering super concentrated, ultra high-quality doses of a particular sound type or instrument for a bargain price.

The first four packs in the series are available now:

  • Analog Pad Loops — 50 deliciously woozy, royalty-free synth loops dripping with the thick creaminess and warmth of classic hardware – open your ears to the gorgeously vintage sound of Analog Pad Loops!
  • Driven Guitar Loops — Collecting 50 royalty-free electric guitar loops into one uncompromising bargain of a sample pack, this raucous sonic platter spans tense, palm-muted riffs, searing, double-tracked leads, intricately picked melodies and surging, powerful guitar chord progressions, all run through our vault of analog pedals and amps.
  • Ambient Texture Loops — Taking in a variety of richly orchestral and vibrantly electronic sound sources, these finely crafted loops present delicate panels of blooming musical imagination that are the perfect ingredients for layering above and beneath your music.
  • Noise Texture Loops — 50 royalty-free Ambient loops of deftly crafted sound, primed and ready to infuse your productions with a host of simmering, sweeping and buzzing sound textures.

The Mini Pack series sample libraries are available for £6 GBP each.

More information: ModeAudio