ModeAudio has announced the release of Beat – Drum Machine Samples, a drum sample library featuring a collection of drum machine samples.

ModeAudio Beat

Beat – Drum Machine Samples is our biggest ever drum library, packing in 460 exquisitely-sampled drum machine sounds that combine the warmth and crunch of the analog era with the ultra-sharp attack and punch of modern sound design!

Delving head-first into our collection of vintage hardware, we’ve captured the pure thump of the 505, subsonic boom of the 808, crisp pulse of the 909 and the ecstatically 12-bit crunch of our beloved toy keyboard to slot seamlessly into your next thunderous rhythm.

The Beat sample pack is available for download for £15 GBP.

Slipstream features a collection of ambient instruments and loops.

ModeAudio Slipstream

The distant sound of droning machines disturbing the cool night air; an enveloping wash of warm synth tones lighting up a corner of an empty room; playful dances of captivating sound and light encircling all around, suddenly fading only to gracefully emerge again – these are sonic scenes conjured by the patches and samples included in our latest release, the sumptuous Slipstream – Ambient Instruments & Loops!

A rich panoply of floating, organic sound awaits you in this deeply textured set of Ambient music production tools. Peer inside and you’ll discover 30 flexible, fully playable Sampler Instruments, spanning earth-shaking Subs and Basses, drifting Ambiances, shimmering Pads, classic, analog-style Synths, flickering Arps and spiralling, soaring Lead patches.

Slipstream costs £18 GBP.

Lastly, a new Glide sample pack features a collection of chill electronic loops.

ModeAudio Glide

Settle back in your luxury cabin seat, cast your eyes towards the glow of the setting sun and prepare to fly – Glide – Chill Electronic Loops contains our biggest ever loop library and its rich, 725MB collection of audio will propel your music way up high into the hazy dusk sky!

This expansive set of music production tools will have your music drifting, soaring and swooping through the clouds with its 223 versatile, tempo-synched music loops. With tempos ranging from 80 up to 150 Bpm, there’s a wealth of blissful, tripped-out sonic inspiration to built up your next Chillwave, Glo Fi and Downtempo tracks from.

Glide is available for purchase for £20 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio