ModeAudio has announced the release of its latest cinematic sample pack Deluge, a royalty free collection of nearly 200 ambient drones and atmospheric textures, rhythmic loops, and sfx.

The pack includes sounds ranging in length from 1 second up to over 1 minute, exhibiting subtle movement and gradual sonic fluctuations to keep your music bathed in tension and momentum.

Dive headfirst into this rolling, 2GB ocean of royalty-free samples and recover rivers of undulating synth drones and mesmeric chords, foaming noise textures, propulsive bass pulsations and seething SFX from the watery depths.

From simmering metallic resonances and estuaries of broiling, overdriven synthwork, to scattering fragments of glitchy, granular sound and eery, submerged atmospheres, this set of 194 samples comprises a rich, evolving palette of Ambient layers for your next soundtrack session.

The sample pack costs £20 GBP.

Other recent releases include:

  • Alteration: Peek under the lid of our upright acoustic piano & uncover a sea of 320 rich, jangling, experimental samples for your next session.
  • Colour Field: Wash your music in the timeless sound of the piano with 660MB of kaleidoscopic Ambient texture samples.
  • Flare: Uncover a treasure trove of shakes, strikes, scrapes & scrunches with this sparkling, characterful set of 340 found percussion samples.

More information: ModeAudio