ModeAudio has launched Dive, a sample pack featuring a collection of 120 Techno loops.

You feel it in the pit of your stomach first, the vibrating tension and excitement creeping up through your body as the bass kicks harder and the synths snarl from those huge, towering monitors either side of the DJ Booth…the music builds and swells to breaking point, before boiling down to a deep, palatial calm and you prepare yourself for the next hit of pure sound – it’s time to pass this euphoric club experience onto your listeners and inject your music with Dive – Techno Loops!

Our latest sound pack delivers 120 frenetic, adrenalin-infused Techno loops that strut to steady, immovable tempos ranging from 116 to 126 Bpm, yet groove and sway to those dark and mysterious rhythms of the hedonistic night. From knife-edge sawtooth basses, mountainous synth chord riffs and rocketing synth leads to thunderous drum grooves, crackling SFX and murky ambiances, we’ve loaded up enough sonic fuel into this pack to keep your tunes dancing into Techno nirvana!

Dive features

  • 120 loops: 20 bassline loops, 34 synth loops (leads, chords, arps, perc synths & more), 24 drum loops, 12 drum fill loops, 10 pad loops, 20 sfx & ambiance loops.
  • 60 drum samples: 14 kick samples, 13 snare & clap samples, 14 hi hat samples (open & closed), 19 percussion samples.
  • 100 MIDI loops (basslines, synths, pads, drums & drum fills).
  • 302MB total content.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £15 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio / Dive Techno Loops