ModeAudio has released Eastern Scenes, a sample library featuring a collection of field recordings with the atmosphere of nature and the city.

The samples range from 24 to 43 seconds, and are packed with layers of tone, texture and imagery.

The rhythmic hiss of cicadas drifting just above the roar of a waterfall; screeching birds circling a temple rising from the centre of a lily garden; the chaotic thunder of hundreds of scooters zipping around a bustling street: this is the sonic world presented in our brand new set of location sounds, Eastern Scenes – Field Recordings 008!

The 20 richly evocative field recordings contained in this release burst with all the vibrant atmosphere of nature and the city, sonically evoking the textures and rhythms of an exotic, Far Eastern adventure.

From a serene mountain-top ambiance, waves murmuring against a moonlit beach, a stream babbling between rocks and birds calling through the low valley mist, to people sheltering from a sudden city downpour, scooters whirring through a dusty village, the mellow echoes of a temple gong and beyond, this collection will conjure up a wide range of detailed, fully-realised sonic scenes within your project.

Eastern Scenes is available for purchase for £14 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio / Eastern Scenes