ModeAudio has released Fracture, a collection of 210 drum and percussion samples.

Every drum track benefits from a little sprinkle of gold dust… packing in armfuls of exotic drum samples, deftly-layered percussion and lashings of otherworldly sound design and intricate processing, let Fracture – Drum & Percussion Samples take your rhythms to brave and exciting new sonic worlds!

We’ve scoured streets and homes to put together a collection of delicate found percussion samples and then mangled, scrambled and stretched them into beautiful, complex gems! Whilst handfuls of the sounds in this collection are instantly recognisable as subtle hi hats or deep kicks, you’d never believe some of these sounds came from the real world!

Transformation is the key to this percussion library and we’ve included everything from wooden thuds morphed into metal, ceramic into canvas and plastic into plasma. In these 210 thumps, clangs, clops, taps, ticks, scratches and scrapes, we’ve created vortices, rumbles, bursts and resonances. From the recognisable to the down-right interstellar, everything you need to give your percussion sound several shots in the arm is right here and ready!

Fracture features

  • 71 hi hat samples.
  • 38 kick samples.
  • 33 snare samples.
  • 29 percussion samples.
  • 22 rim shot samples.
  • 11 clap samples.
  • 6 abstract percussion samples
  • 10 drum & percussion sampler patches.
  • 4 channel strip presets.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £14 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio