ModeAudio has announced the release of Vinyl Rack, a free drum rack for Ableton Live.

We love vinyl and we love making production tools for your music, so what better way to put these elements to use than with our very special free gift for you today, the crackling, spitting and spluttering ModeAudio Vinyl Drum Rack!

Featuring 32 samples crafted exclusively from the vinyl crackle, hiss, needle drops, speed ups and more of our beloved studio turntable, the drum rack is setup for Ableton Live 9.6 along with 8 macro controls for easy control over the rack’s sound. The samples themselves are also available for use in any DAW.

From warm washes of crackly snares to bursts of frazzled kicks, crispy hi hats and all manner of noisy percussion taps, clicks and claps, get cooking some genuinely dusty beats with out free ModeAudio Vinyl Drum Rack now!

Vinyl Rack features

  • 32 WAV Samples (made exclusively from vinyl crackle & turntable sounds).
  • 1 Drum Rack (featuring 8 macro controls).
  • 1 Ableton Live 9.6 Project (including 4 pre-made drum rhythm clips).
  • 100% Free.

The Vinyl Rack pack is available for download at no charge.

More information: ModeAudio / Vinyl Rack