ModeAudio has released its new sample pack Impression FX Drum Samples, a collection of kicks, snares, hi hats, claps, rims, percussion and crashes.

Blending acoustic drum sounds, noise textures and pitched layers into an abstract and irresistible mash-up, this collection of 330 royalty-free drum samples will have you cooking up utterly distinctive breakbeats in an instant. We’ve dug deep into our archives of weird and wacky sound design materials to put together these unique and meticulously crafted drum samples, melding together the punch and snap of real drumming with otherworldly textures, glitchy FX and synthesised tones.

Also available is Fluorescence Italo Disco Loops, featuring a batch of music loops, drum samples, and MIDI loops that aim to bring the sheer, undeniable joy of that retro Disco groove.

Welcome back to the era of big haircuts and gated reverb, where neon-lights and analog synths light up dancefloors across the globe with exuberant colour and addictive, infectious sound. We’ve harnessed our own collection of vintage gear to produce this irrepressibly fun-filled, 549MB choice of royalty-free synth and drum loop nostalgia, caked in chorus and soaked in the life-affirming melodic power of Synth Pop and Disco.

Lastly, Portal Ambient Samples & Textures delivers ambience, texture and bass samples designed to transport your music to netherworlds of immersive, atmospheric audio.

Unpack this weighty 1.5GB collection of royalty-free samples and uncover a diverse palette of shimmering Ambient sound design, rich in evocative textural character across its 120 files. From earth-shaking bass drones and velvet-like synth atmospheres to rushing, elemental SFX and beyond, this collection is stacked with layer upon layer from which to build up your own stunningly Cinematic soundscapes.

The sample packs are available for purchase starting from £16 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio