ModeAudio has launched Multiverse Retrowave Loops, a sample pack featuring a collection of loops and samples with the sound of the 80s.

With 140 key and tempo-labelled music loops at its smouldering core, this sound library will take your music on a wild ride through a fluorescent synth apocalypse. Featuring wave after wave of pure analog synth nostalgia towering above classic, driving drum machine grooves, this lovingly-crafted collection of soundtrack-inspired Synthwave will transform your DAW into a slick, supersonic time machine!

From analog bass loops as wide as the horizon to dripping synth leads and oceanic pads pounding down on rock-solid drum patterns, to glittering arp loops, pouncing percussion and razor-edged SFX, this collection contains all you need to build towering, 80s-certified productions the instant after download.

Alongside the loops are 69 thundering drum samples, combining vintage drum machines with modern processing for unprecedented punch and retro vibe. Also included are 70 synth tail samples for bringing your selected loop to a smooth, natural decay and 106 key and tempo-labelled MIDI loops for experimentation with your own synths and sounds.

Multiverse is available for purchase for £18 GBP.

Also released is Fragment FX Drum Samples.

ModeAudio Fragment

Pulsating with 330 mesmerising, wholly unique drum samples, this release layers and blends together some of our absolute favourite sound design elements – masterfully recorded acoustic drums, thumping drum machine hits and intricate, evocative field recordings.

We’ve painstakingly balanced these powerful, disparate forces to bring you some of our most captivating and impactful drum samples yet – a percussive feast that’s packed with character, variety and more than a hint of the unusual!

Covering all the bases from deep Kicks and snappy Snares to potent Percussion, silky Shakers, enthralling Crashes and miles beyond, all the samples included in this library possess the punch to cut through any mix alongside the unique flavour to turn the heads of even the most seasoned of listeners.

Throw these sounds in the mix and you’ll discover transients glowing and cutting like laser beams as they give way to complex, atmospheric decays with more than just a hint of the psychedelic – these are the samples that can turn an everday beat into something that will blow you away!

Fragment is available for purchase for £15 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio