ModeAudio has released Reflect, a collection of ambient loops.

Drift amongst the soundwaves as enticing beds of endless ambiance shine, shimmer and soar above you – from the depths of the resonant bass to the highs of flickering, granular noise, reflective, crystalline textures and distant, icy drones, the 120 loops and 43 samples included in Reflect – Ambient Loops will create spaces in your music where you and your listeners can dream!

The beautifully conceived, enveloping Synth Loops and Drum Samples presented here deliver layer upon layer of sonic depth, intricacy, delicacy and atmosphere. There are warm, powerful Bass Loops, spacious, powerful Drums underpinning skittering Percussion, unsettling Drones, harmonious Chords and a plethora of unusual, mysterious Ambiances, Noise Textures and SFX Samples. This release contains all the tools necessary to take your music on a long, rewarding journey through Ambient, Downtempo, Chillwave and beyond.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £16 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio / Reflect