ModeAudio has launched four new sound packs.

ModeAudio Trap Kingdom

Trap Kingdom – Trap Loops & Samples

You’ll find it creeping along shadowy alleys in the dead of night, brawling in the midst of vast concrete wastelands or perched high above the smouldering city as dawn breaks, surveying with a hungry eye the events unfolding below, both good and bad…welcome to the simmering atmosphere and bottomless bass of Trap Kingdom – Trap Loops & Samples, bringing 430MB of muscular bass, skittering hi hats and more straight to the heart of your music!

Choking with the weight of thunderous Trap drum loops and drum fills, dense slabs of bass, snarling synth leads, regal synth chord progressions, glimmering arps and much more, this pack balances the serene wisdom of experience with the unrestrained fury of youth across its 120 music loops.

Trap Kingdom is available for purchase for £16 GBP.

ModeAudio Dawn House

Dawn House – House Loops & Samples

The party’s jumping hard and the rhythm is stronger than ever as the warmth of dawn creeps above the horizon – all that’s left is to blow the lid off this place and Dawn House – House Loops & Samples is the sound library to take you there!

Bouncing from epic, euphoric Mainroom vibes right across to hypnotic Deep House and all the way down to sound system-shaking Bass, this bulging sound collection will push, propel and pile-drive your beats till the break of dawn and beyond! Fuelled with 120 bass, synth and drum loops of intense rhythm and flavour, 57 slamming House drum samples, 38 stacked synth stab samples and 109 shapeable House MIDI files, this sample pack will have your productions suited and booted for the dancefloor the instant after download.

Dawn House is available for purchase for £16 GBP.

ModeAudio Bang

Bang – Deep House Drum Samples

Feel the floor beneath you tremble as the shockwaves approach, enveloping you in the raw vibrational power of an epic sound system…what you’re listening to is the supercharged, heavyweight, rolling thunder of our latest release, Bang – Deep House Drum Samples!

Using state-of-the-art sound design techniques, processing and mastering chains, we’ve packed serious doses of intensity, power, grit and impact into this drum sample pack release. Kicks which you feel deep within your chest, snares which snap surgically through the mix and percussion which races like wildfire over the top of the bass – Bang delivers purest percussive perfection in abundance.

Bang is available for purchase for £16 GBP.

ModeAudio Continuum

Continuum – Sylenth1 Ambient Presets

The air is dry and completely still around tall sand dunes, the silence disturbed only by the soft hissing of shifting patterns of grains…calmness enveloping sweeping contours of sound, from the jagged to the silky smooth, is a natural element of Ambient music – this is the dense, richly detailed sonic world explored in our latest release, Continuum – Sylenth1 Ambient Presets!

From shape-shifting, fluttering Pads and immersive, tingling Synth Textures to colourful, characterful Synth Chords and dynamic, sparkling Plucks, this .fxb bank of 50 Sylenth1 presets is tailor-made for productions encompassing Ambient, Chillwave and Cinematic sound design. The musical blueprint for these sounds makes extensive use of Sylenth1’s impressive analogue synthesis emulation, whilst the versatility of its oscillators has allowed us to programme in the detail and complexity of real-world sounds into each and every preset.

Continuum is available for purchase for £16 GBP.

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