ModernBeats has released Ethnic Music Chopz 2, a sample library featuring the sounds of rare ethnic instruments.

Featuring over 840 24-bit samples of rare ethnic instruments from around the world, ModernBeats releases the “Ethnic Music Chopz 2” soundset. The sample library includes hundreds of live performance samples of 10 rare ethnic instruments including hooks, riffs, and licks specially designed for modern urban and pop music production.

Ethnic Music Chopz 2 features

  • 840+ 24-bit samples of ethnic instruments: Arabian Rababah, Balinese Gobijen, Turkish Cumbus, Moroccan Gimbri, Greek Bouzouki, Arabian Mizmar, Aztec Slit-drum, Japanese Koto, Egyptian Ney, African Udu.
  • Recorded at 4 tempos (87 BPM, 92 BPM, 97 BPM, & 102 BPM) and in 4 key signatures (A minor, C minor, E minor, & G minor).
  • A total of 40 software sampler presets are included that auto-load all ethnic samples into your software sampler of choice: Reason NN-XT (.SXT), EXS24 (.EXS), Kontakt (.NKI), Battery (.KIT), Halion (.FXP), Soundfont (.SF2), and WAV (.WAV).

Ethnic Music Chopz Volumes 1 & 2 are available to download for $39.95 USD each.

More information: ModernBeats / Ethnic Music Chopz 2