ModernBeats has released Live Rhythmz Volume 1, a collection of 400+ live drum loops.

This thunderous drum loop library features 100% live urban, hip-hop rhythmz that empower and propel music productions to hit status! Engineered & mixed to perfection, this powerful “Radio Ready” loopset comes packed with 410 commanding live, hip-hop drum loops that mix-match seamlessly with all other ModernBeats loopsets.

Live Rhythmz Volume 1 features

  • Over 400 loops (sample accurate Acidized WAV, Stereo) are provided in total across the entire loopset containing 100+ modern live drum rhythms per tempo.
  • Organized into 4 popular hip hop industry tempos: 87bpm, 92bpm, 97bpm, and 102bpm.
  • Each of the tempo groups contain 25 original live loop themes including 4 variation loops within each theme: “Main”, “Break1”, “Break2”, and “Fill”.
  • Additionally, some themes feature a bonus “Crash” variation loop, which is just like the main yet with an added crash at the start of the loop.

Live Rhythms 1 is available as a download and on CD for $69.95 USD.

Visit ModernBeats for more information and audio demos.