Plugin Boutique has published two tutorial videos on the Modnetic and Diffuse, two tape delay plugins by Surreal Machines.

In this video, Joshua Casper walks you through Modnetic by Surreal Machines and everything it has and is capable of… be prepared to be impressed.

It is a modular tape delay plugin vst with built-in convolution reverb. Flexible signal chain routing and character controls. Modnetic truly has everything you need for atmospheric time-based effects.

In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper goes through all of the main parameters in Diffuse by Surreal Machines.

This is a complex and incredible sounding dubby delay and reverb plugin that is perfect for a myriad of musical projects and genres.

Both plugins are available at 50% off, exclusively from Plugin Boutique until July 13th, 2018.

More information: Surreal Machines