Media Overkill has announced an update to the MOK Waverazor futuristic synthesizer that gives you the power to splice waveforms into aggressive new sounds.

MOK Waverazor PlugInGuru Unify

The update includes new effects, new filter building blocks, new modulation sources, and more.

Waverazor version 2.5 brings a ton of new features to your wave-slicing sonic explorations, including 3 new Filters, 3 new Effects, and 2 new Modulators, plus significant advancements in our existing DSP modules.

Additionally, a Unified – Waverazor library of 423 Waverazor patches in Unify’s native patch format is available as a free download from PlugInGuru. The recently updated Unify is both an instrument and a powerful host that allows you to combine all your favorite synth plugins together.

Waverazor for Windows, Mac and Linux (VST/AU/AAX) is available from the Tracktion Marketplace for $99 USD with coupon code UNIFIED-WAVERAZOR through August 31st, 2020 (regular $159 USD). Current Waverazor owners can download the v2.5 update for free.

More information: Tracktion