Mokafix Creamtube

Mokafix Audio has released 6 new effect plug-ins for Windows, covering a range of vintage distortion and overdrive tones.

Those effects are based on hardware effects schematics and feature all the steps of the original circuits (DC filtering, gain stages, clippers, tone filtering).

They have all been fine tuned using specific analysis of the hardware units to further match the tone and dynamic response of the real stompboxes, and guarantee a faithful reproduction of the original stompboxes tones and behaviours.

Each effect features oversampling to sound and feel as close as possible to analogue effects.

New effect plug-ins

  • Cream Tube — emulates the famous “green” overdrive. It provides a smooth distortion suitable for blues or rock.
  • Lamp Driver — emulates a tube based overdrive pedal. It provides a smooth distortion and features two Tone stack modes.
  • Baboon — emulates a rare vintage Fuzz / Treble Booster. The fuzz channel provides a heavy sustain, and two tone modes let you switch between a full fuzz sound and a scooped mid range tone.
  • Sen’tor — emulates a vintage overdrive. It provides a warm distortion and features an advanced EQ to let you sculpt the tone and adapt it to many situations.
  • D-Plus & D-380 — emulate two versions of a famous distortion circuit. Featuring one simple gain knob, they give a raw “in your face” distortion sound.
  • The Bat — emulates a vintage distortion used in countless recordings. With straightforward controls, it delivers a characteristic distortion tone that made it popular in rock and punk music.

The effects are available to purchase for Windows PC (VST) for 9 EUR each, or in a bundle at a discount price.

Mokafix Audio has also released version 1.2 updates for the FX series #1 plug-ins; EZ-Driver, Muffin Rider, Kung Fuzz, Companero, Rectifuzz, Brass Buster, Noamp! (freeware), Metal Clone (freeware).

The main change is stereo and oversampling instanciation which is now done virtually on request only. This method saves RAM and avoids cpu peaks on loading.

Muffin Rider now comes in 4 versions. Initial version has been renamed “x” on GUI, and 3 new versions (US, RU, 3rd) have been added. Those 3 new versions are based on thorough analysis of 3 different hardware models of that vintage effect.

More information: Mokafix Audio