Mokafix Kung Fuzz 68

Mokafix Audio has released version 1.1 of Distortion FX, a collection of distortion effect plug-ins for Windows.

Changes in Distortion FX plug-ins v1.1

  • All FX now feature oversampling. Oversampling can be set to x1 (no oversampling), x2, x3 and x4 speeds. It prevents undesirable digital artefacts on higher notes and increases general harmonic content consistency. This makes the sound closer to analogue devices.
  • An envelope was added to prevent DC clicks on loading. Now the sound fades quickly from dry to wet on loading.

The Distortion FX plug-ins are available as VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC, priced at 9 EUR each or as a bundle for 36 EUR.

The freeware Metal Clone and NoAmp! effect plug-ins have also been updated to 1.1.

More information: Mokafix