Molli Labs, the new label from Matt Davey and Oliver Greschke, who have been collaborating on apps such as Elastic Drums, Elastic FX, and Flip Sampler, has launched the first in a series of smaller but very „playable“ effects and instruments.

A realtime stereo effect for looping and filtering, Molli Looper is intended mainly as a live performance tool.

No preparation is needed to trigger loop recording – input is constantly recorded in the background to be triggered whenever it is needed. Loop timing is synced to host clock, and can be adjusted from multi-bar loops right down to 16th note drills. The looped or unlooped audio is then passed though a lowpass -> neutral -> highpass resonant filter, based on a 4 pole ladder design for lush analogue style sound.

Molli Looper features

  • Combination of looper and stutter/freeze effect.
  • Continuous recording: instant recording/looping.
  • Runs in sync with host clock.
  • Jumps to meaningful places in the recording: „Snap to grid“.
  • Grid: 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8 bars.
  • Ability to scroll through the recording.
  • Lowpass/highpass resonant filter.
  • Long Tap XY keeps filter position.
  • Limiter/booster effect.

Available for the intro price of $4.99 USD / 5.99 EUR, Molli Looper runs as an iOS standalone app or as AUv3 plugin in compatible DAWs.

More information: Molli Labs