Monomo Sound Design Emerge

Monomo Sound Design has announced Emerge, a soundset for the DUNE software synthesizer by Synapse Audio.

DUNE is Synapse Audio’s flagship VST/AU synthesizer developed for the needs of professional music producers.

Emerge features

  • 3 main fxb sound banks contain 128 of the same sounds each. All sounds have all FX tweaked but most are off by default.
    • Emerge DRY- This is the main set of 128 sounds for owners of the full version of DUNE. This set has EQ, Distortion, and Phaser/Chorus settings, but NO Delay or Reverb used.
    • Emerge WET- This is the same 128 sounds, but with Delay and Reverb added to many of the sounds.
    • Emerge DUNE CM-LE- This set of 128 is the same sounds as the other sets, but without any FX or EQ at all. The Emerge CM-LE set is tweaked specifically for those who have DUNE CM or LE edition.
  • Emerge Arp DRY- 128 Arps made using the patches from each of the main Emerge sounds. The DRY bank, is completely without any FX or EQ, and is tweaked for users of DUNE CM or LE.
  • Emerge Arp WET- 128 Arps made using the patches from each of the main Emerge sounds. The WET bank uses all FX available, and this one is tweaked for users of the full version of DUNE.
  • All sounds within the main set make good use of Modwheel and Aftertouch assignments.
  • All sounds contain tweaking suggestions written within the info panel.
  • Many Modwheel assignments were changed in the Arp sets from the original sounds. This is so when using the Modwheel in an Arp, you will not get any vibrato modulations as are in some of
    the regular presets. Instead they are assigned to more suitable modulations for Arps. The type of Arp is shown within the info panel of each Arp preset.

The soundset is available to purchase for $15 USD.

More information: Monomo Sound Design