Monster Sounds has launched its latest sample pack Liquid Rollers Drum & Bass, a 963 MB collection that comes with all the crucial elements needed for building tracks traversing the more musical, soulful and liquid side of this now timeless genre.

Monster Sounds Liquid Rollers Drum & Bass

The large and inclusive set of flawlessly precise beats and percussion all roll like clockwork. Split up as separate kick and snare, tops and then full loops all production eventualities are covered.

A comprehensive set of audio files makes up the luscious and rich musical elements of the pack. A plethora of differing sounds including mysterious pianos, fat jazzy keys, rising arpeggios, shimmering pads and snappy synths all combine to give a range of differing textures and moods to work from whether it’s smoky jazz or punchy, uplifting and melodic dance floor bangers. Also, included are a handful of chopped vocal manipulations to add extra depth and flavour.

No D&B pack would be correct without a wide-ranging set of the genre’s most important element… the fat bass line. Included in the loops are sounds ranging from deep and deadly subs, tough metallic basses, gritty synth, basses booming 808s and many more.

Special mention must be made to the FX section which includes an evolving, progressing set of singe note “atmospheres” for setting a tone and mood. Plus, a set of mixed FX one shots coving many facets, including hits, vocal FX, builds and falls as you would expect. Add to that the always necessary and useful drum, bass and synth one shot hits and you have the complete liquid drum and bass package!

Liquid Rollers Drum & Bass features

  • 963 MB content, 24-bit/44.1kHz Wav files.
  • Loops: 55 full drum loops, 50 bass loops, 23 kick snare loops, 23 top drum loops, 19 synth loops, 13 arp loops, 13 chord loops, 10 piano loops, 8 pad loops, 2 vocal loops and 1 string loop.
  • One-shots: 63 drum hits, 14 FX, 11 bass hits, 10 atmospheres, 9 synth hits and 7 vocal shots.
  • 241 REX2 files.
  • 47 soft sampler patches for NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS24 and Sfz.

The sample pack costs £24.95 GBP, with parts also sold separately.

More information: Monster Sounds