Sound4Group and Guerrilla Crew have launched the second of a three-part series sample pack. The royalty-free Moombahton Duro offers a great variety of bass, drums, grooves, synths, voices, and effects loops to breathe life and soul into your tracks.

Guerrilla Crew Rec is a reference label in the international scene for the moombahton, dembow, baile funk genres. Smoothies, the Italian duo made up of Antonio & Giulio, founded Guerrilla Crew on the basis of their Latin and Brazilian influence. For years now, they’ve selected grooves and sounds from the best exponents around the world, always with a strong focus on experimentation and innovation. Now it’s your turn to bring this essence to YOUR creations.

In this complete sound palette, you will find everything that’s in vogue in the current moombahton market like trumpets, flutes, and hypnotic synths. The drums folder offers an even wider variety of percussion sounds, perfectly suited to fit your creative needs. Voices include female Spanish samples and male loops. Whatever you need, it’s all here.

The first part of the series embodies strength of the Brazilian sound and its culture. Baile Funk Duro features a collection of sounds that give the modern Baile Funk music style a new and creative spin.

Some of the treasures to be found in the pack include a wide variety of energy basses, drums, grooves, sounds, voices and effects loops perfect for exquisite drops.

Sounds include everything that’s en vogue in the current Baile Funk music scene. Trumpets, flutes, brass and rave basses, you name it. Voices include energised Portuguese language samples and typical Brazilian Funk beatbox loops.

The sample packs are available from Loopmasters for £14.95 GBP each.

More information: Sound4Group