Spitfire Audio has released a new title in the LABS series of free virtual instruments: Moon Guitar.

Immerse yourself in the magical resonance of the Chinese moon guitar.

Recorded by Christian Henson and Seb Truman on a Neumann M149 valve condenser mic, it features solo, ensemble and tremolo patches, adding texture and beauty to your music.

Moon Guitar is a free download for the Spitfire Audio App (also free), which is available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugins formats.

Also available now is Alev Lenz – 3, a collection of dark, cinematic vocals, textural beds and evolving synth drones, inspired by Alev Lenz’s latest album.

Spitfire Audio Alev Lenz

Made in collaboration with acclaimed composer Alev Lenz (Black Mirror, Dark), ‘3’ is a collection of warped, evolving synth drones and captivating vocal samples ideal for creating dark, cinematic music.’

Discover 21 original patches teeming with invention, ideal for creating dark, cinematic trailer music and sound design, adding texture, suspense and beauty to your sonic landscapes.

Alev Lenz – 3 features

  • Incredible synthesized sounds created from organic vocal and instrumental recordings.
  • 21 exclusive patches, ready to make your own.
  • From shorter, more rhythmic vocal hooks to gradually evolving drones that develop over time.
  • Three ‘Interactive Album’ patches, allowing you to reimagine and recreate sounds taken from the album.
  • Available in our award-winning standalone plugin.
  • Designed to enhance your cinematic scores and add haunting textures and ambience to your songwriting.

The sound library for the Spitfire Audio App is available for purchase for 29 USD/EUR.

More information: Spitfire Audio